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  • A 1920’s Murder Mystery – Final Part

    Posted on 21/02/2014 by David in My Fantasy World....

    Angelo stared at his secretary in disbelief. He shook his head and said:  “But this is impossible! Our team of experts declared him dead on the night of the murder!”


    “Only Mr Trading was really dead Detective. There were so many people on the crime scene that night that nobody noticed a certain Mr Grueller who passed off as a medical expert. That’s the name he used when he wrote the medical report and pronounced the milk delivery boy dead. Once they arrived at the morgue, the boy swapped his identity with one of the corpses. The trick was done. They both escaped unnoticed.”


    “But the whole thing’s incredible!” declared the detective, clearly taken aback before he regained some of his composure and asked: “Do we know why they did it?”

    A half smile came to Chastity’s lips. She said: “I thought of that detective. Mr Trading wasn’t short of money to say the least. We’ve also noticed several transactions made from his bank account. That would undoubtedly explain why they set up that diabolical plan to avoid casting suspicion on them. This may surprise you but we’ve already arrested the milk delivery boy detective. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he confesses everything.”

    She was right. Angelo was about to realise that the voices he heard earlier were not caused by his own imagination…they came from the office next door…the office of Constable Thomas…who suddenly flung his door open and stormed into the room, holding the milk delivery boy who was well and truly ALIVE

    “We thoroughly pumped him for information” Constable Thomas declared confidently, a wry smile on his face before adding, “He has admitted strangling Mr Trading.”


    Angelo couldn’t quite believe his ears. Was he on the wrong track all this time? It was so obvious to him that…

    Chastity somehow guessed his thoughts and interrupted them: “Myrna is therefore innocent and we will soon track down the other criminal. She probably just happened to have discovered the scene of the crime as she originally stated. Appearances can be deceptive sometimes detective.”

    Angelo was annoyed with himself for being so easily taken in. He promptly released Myrna who was dressed up in a trouser suit à la Marlene Dietrich and ready for a grand exit which had all the importance of a stage entrance. She wasn’t short of harsh words for the detective:

    “You’ve charged me with nothing but accused me with plenty. Now open that bloody cell door because I don’t have time for the dead or the DULL.” she looked at him unflinchingly, making sure her words left no room for interpretation.

    She quickly stepped outside and declared to the crowd of waiting journalists: “I’ve had the very devil of a time. I’ve never been so scared in my life!”


    Weeks passed. The case was closed and as far as the press was concerned, they had their culprits and Myrna was their heroine. But across town, rumours started spreading like wildfire. It was said that the milk delivery boy had confessed more… a lot more. But somehow, his confessions never got recorded. There were whispers of corruption, bribes and even a mastermind lurking behind a criminal network of money laundering. Surely it was all a myth…unless…a thought crossed the detective mind:

    -“Could it be she…”


    -“…or could there be more to Gilda Brash than meets the eye?” 


    He interrupted his thoughts and asked his secretary:

    “Do you think we have enough elements to re-open the case Chastity?”

    “These are clearly elements beyond our control detective. It would be hard to prove” she replied.

    “And even harder on anyone who tried” concluded the detective, a faint smile on his lips.

    He strolled across to the mirror, readjusted his hat and studied his face curiously. He thought he looked tired. Success had its penalties but also its rewards. His crime-solving skills didn’t endear him to the press but his sense of fashion did.  He now had a weekly column in Vogue magazine. He took a chair, pulled it closer to his desk and rolled a couple of sheets of paper into the typewriter. He paused for a moment and thought to himself “sometimes, maybe just sometimes, some mysteries are best left unsolved”. With a grin on his face, he started typing, ideas suddenly running so clearly through his head.









     Detective Angelo Raspberry…………………………….David

    Myrna Cunning & Chastity Righteous…………………………………Nadia

    Gilda Brash…………………………….Anna

    Constable Thomas & Mr Trading…………………………….Lee

    Milk delivery boy…………………………….Andy


6 Responses so far.

  1. Clorinda Prina says:

    Brilliant!… Really enjoyed it. Please write more, you have a talent David!

  2. oonaballoona says:

    congratulations, detective. i think a column in vogue trumps solving the crime, too.

    • David says:

      I admit, this was a bit of wishful thinking on my part which I transferred onto the detective.

  3. Vasiliki says:

    That was really good! Looking forward to more adventures, hehe! xxx

    • David says:

      Thanks Regina…I wonder if you saw the”box” in “My sewing room” post…:)

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