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  • A 1920’s Murder Mystery – Part 2 (Trousers V8940)

    Posted on 21/01/2014 by David in My Fantasy World....

    January 1929. The vague but latent suspicion that crept into Angelo’s mind had escalated to new and unforeseen heights. It appeared that Myrna’s vamp image wasn’t just bound to the silver screen as her romance with the milk delivery boy swiftly came into the public eye.


    Every man Myrna had an affair with – Valentino included – seemed to conveniently die prematurely and it wasn’t long before her reputation as a black widow spiralled out of control in the international press.


    Angelo too found himself in the limelight but not quite for the reasons he was hoping for. He thought he had a point to prove in this case but soon realised that the right to be heard doesn’t necessarily include the right to be taken seriously.


    The idea of an actress killing her past lovers may seem preposterous for some but anyone who saw Myrna play the part of Velma Kelly in the musical Chicago would think otherwise. Her remarkable performance was hailed by critics and Angelo had little doubt he was dealing with an off-stage version of a murder case for which Myrna knew her part all too well…


    A tense game of “cat and mouse” ensued between the two protagonists but Angelo, not blessed with a quick mind and a ready wit, proved no match to Myrna’s accomplished acting skills that had served her so well…until that day…


    It was January 13th, a day that would finally prove lucky for the ambitious detective. A weary Angelo was looking somewhat deflated on his way back to the office.


    Lounging over his office desk, he couldn’t help but admire the latest addition to his wardrobe, those Vogue plaid trousers V8940 that were the perfect complement to his winter jacket. It was a comforting thought for Angelo and a timely reminder of his exquisite taste and impeccable sense of style.


    His personal assistant, Chastity Righteous, was on the phone. Nerdy-looking and hiding behind a pair of thick rimmed glasses, she was living proof that not all blondes were either dumb or sexy.


    Once an aspiring actress, she thankfully reconverted as a secretary when she realised that virtue had its own reward but sadly, no sale at the box office. She finally hung up the phone and excitedly said in her trademark husky voice:

    “Detective Raspberry, a woman was seen sneaking into Mr Trading’s apartment on the night of the murders. The description provided is strikingly identifiable with Myrna Cunning!”

    Angelo pushed his chair back, locked his desk and swiftly stepped outside where he hailed a cab. As he approached Myrna’s residence, he could feel his temperature rising just thinking of the confrontation ahead. He paid off the driver and routinely adjusted his hat before pushing the front-door bell.  Myrna opened the door, a white fur draped over her shoulders, every movement considered and graceful but Angelo was in no mood for small talk and contrived compliments.

    “Miss Cunning, how many times have you been married?”

    “You’ve read the papers. Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once”


    “And would you qualify trading your ritual milk bath for blood as another mistake Miss Cunning?” he added, offhandedly.

    “You have no right to make such slanderous suggestions!” Myrna replied.

    “The description of a woman seen entering the scene of the crime bears a strong resemblance with yourself” Angelo declared.

    “The description of any pretty, dark-haired woman with a flair for dressing well would do for that,” Myrna retorted.


    But Myrna’s turn of wit briefly lost its spark when Angelo adopted a different strategy, threatening to arrest her should she refuse to follow him to the police station. It seemed like a gamble unlikely to pay off but to Angelo’s surprise, Myrna agreed with a wry smile on her face. She clearly relished the prospect of a highly publicised confrontation in a bid to clear her name and revive her career. But this time, Angelo was determined to get the better of the devious Miss Cunning. 







    Detective Angelo Raspberry…………………………….David

    Myrna Cunning & Chastity Righteous…………………………………Nadia



12 Responses so far.

  1. oonaballoona says:

    teehee david!

    i especially love the detective’s exquisite taste and the rise of a moose stronghold over the US and canada.

  2. Delgado says:

    Je n’ai pas bien compris cette nouvelle aventure donc je ne peux pas faire de commentaires à ce sujet, désolée….En revanche, j’apprécie toujours les magnifiques photos “noir et blanc” de l’époque sans oublier la fameuse petite moustache du protagoniste.

    A bientôt David !

    • David says:

      Merci maman, je suis content que tu aimes les photos qui restent dans l’esprit de l’epoque. Je te raconterai toute l’histoire quand je viendrai te voir 🙂

  3. sonia says:

    One, I really enjoyed the story, pretty cool. And Nadia, i really like how you portray Myrna! Myrna, and Nadia, TRUE FEMMES FATALES!

    • David says:

      Thank you Sonia! Nadia has indeed mastered the part of the femme fatale! Who can resist one after all?

  4. Bridget says:

    Beautiful photos! Great story! Love how Nadia portrays the story and characters…perfectly! Well done!!

    • Nadia says:

      Thank you Bridget. You are too nice. As you know I am also a big fan of yours. 🙂

  5. Clorinda Prina says:

    love It.. excellent characterisation, great story and brilliant photos!!

  6. Vasiliki says:

    Haha, that was brilliant, I can’t wait for part 3, great b&w pictures but the moustache is something else!! Very well written too.

    • David says:

      Thanks Regina, it’s crazy how a moustache can change the physiognomy of a person!

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