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  • A 1920’s Murder Mystery – Part 3

    Posted on 18/02/2014 by David in My Fantasy World....

    February 1929. Myrna Cunning was kept in custody. Confronting her proved a shrewd move for the detective but the moment of triumph was short-lived. His eyewitness had mysteriously vanished and Angelo was now treading a treacherous path. Time was not on his side.

    Myrna held in confinement was an event in itself…


    …and the news not only reached the press but also the ears of Myrna’s arch-enemy, Gilda Brash.


    These two legends of the silver screen fought for the same roles, worked with the same directors and sometimes shared the same lovers. But they didn’t share the same values and in Gilda’s mind, Myrna was a menace to wealthy single men in the country. And she very much looked forward to visiting her nemesis in prison…


    “Myrna, darling, how awfully good to see you! Let me take a good look at you! – Hmmm” she said, looking approvingly at the plain black striped dress, “modesty suits you for a change.”

    “Modesty?” Myrna scoffed, “You should stick to words you’re more familiar with.”

    Gilda dismissed her comment with a flap of the hand and declared:  “It never fails to amaze me how quickly men die once you have a taste of them. The black widow…” she said with a mocking smile, “they should rather call you the praying mantis!”

    “Oh Gilda, you do have a vivid imagination. It’s probably too many years spent in Hollywood making B movies.”

    “I thought that was rather your specialty these last couple of years.”

    “Well, at least, I HAVE a career and took more curtain calls in one night playing Chicago than you ever did during your entire stage career.”

    “You STOLE that part from me by CATTING around …but I’m sure you will feel perfectly at ease in a cell, with members of your own family to keep you company” she said, looking at a passing rodent.


    The tension reached breaking point …


    But they soon regained their composure at the sight of a journalist passing by. They knew how to put on a nauseating display of affection when it mattered most.


    In the meanwhile, Angelo found himself under tremendous pressure to solve the case. His days were full. He had little leisure. His mind was going blank. He thought he heard voices through the wall of his office.


    Adding to his headache, the body of the milk delivery boy had disappeared. Somehow the information only got relayed to the stylish detective and his team weeks later. Something didn’t add up…

    But it all made perfect sense to his secretary, Chastity Righteous, who had already taken the matter into her own hands. The disappearance of the body could only mean one thing: HE WASN’T DEAD!







     Detective Angelo Raspberry…………………………….David

    Myrna Cunning & Chastity Righteous…………………………………Nadia

    Gilda Brash…………………………….Anna


11 Responses so far.

  1. Clorinda Prina says:

    Excellent!…the dialogue is fantastic..and so funny!
    Can’t wait for the final part!

  2. Shamel Topsakal says:

    Gilda Brash. (Anna), is amazingly beautiful…
    Shamel Topsakal. Feb.2014

  3. oonaballoona says:

    that fight picture. WINNING.

  4. lola says:

    Fantastic idea, the dialogue is funny and original and the pictures are great. Well done David and crew!

  5. Sonia says:

    Cat fight!

  6. Sonia says:

    The prison look , I love it! Glamourous criminal! Gorgeous.

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