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  • A Pooch’s Life: Handmade Dog Harness & Pip’s story!

    Posted on 04/08/2013 by David in My Handmade Crafts.

    Dear readers, I think I have fallen in love all over again! And you might well call it a case of puppy love because the object of my affection is the loveliest, sweetest, smartest and most gorgeous French bouledogue I’ve ever come across! Unfortunately for me…it’s not mine. Why oh why? We both have French heritage, we should belong together! I’m getting completely mushy gushy over that dog, it’s absolutely ridiculous! I fear this may well turn into one of the greatest tragedies of my life along with that crazy shirt collar I’m trying to get to grips with at the moment (but that will be for a later post).

    Luckily enough for me, my good friend and talented seamstress Rita is the proud owner of this beautiful dog called Pip, which means I get to pay them regular visits. Rita adopted her from a dog rescue centre under a year ago when she was only a few months old and everytime I see Pip, I become a gooey mess…enough said! I’m nearly forgetting the object of my post which is the dog harness that Rita and I made for Pip with some remnants of fabrics and tassels…doesn’t she look gorgeous in it??? (Pass the bucket you probably think by now). Rita also made two more dog harnesses in red and blue for smaller dogs and I reckon she may well fill a void in the fashionable dog clothes market which has its share of beautiful handmade dog coats but not so original handmade dog harnesses. I say “Go Rita!”; Paris Hilton may have been the catalyst to puppy clothes industry with her obsession for Chihuahua dog clothing, let’s go one step further by spreading the handmade love to our pooches…who said there’s no such thing as puppy love?


    We all went to Hastings on Friday by the way so let me leave you with a few selected shots of Pip’s story in Hastings!


    “Hang on! Stop attempting to drown me!”


    “No leash finally and a bit of time for myself to explore those weird wet surroundings…”


    “Bloody hell! It’s like a right tsunami in here from my doggie’s perspective!”


    “Right, let’s be careful and have a little dip”


    “Gee! I was not expecting so much water in one go!”


    “Back to safe shores….what a life! And you, who are drooling over me like a maniac, stop taking pictures of me!”


    “That’s more my idea of fun now!”


    “Hehe…come and catch me if you can!”



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