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    Posted on 16/09/2014 by David in Uncategorized.

    You may have noticed that I’ve taken an extended break from sewing and blogging: six weeks exactly, that’s the equivalent of a zillion weeks’ desertion in the blogosphere where information is traded at the speed of light and new blogs are popping up left, right and centre. I suddenly felt like one of those tiny novae undergoing a cataclysmic nuclear explosion in the social media night sky but hey, I’m still alive and shining, even if only dimly at times.

    I’d love to tell you how busy I was doing this and that but actually, it was quite the contrary. I lost a major teaching contract and I suddenly found myself with lots of free time. Yikes! That sucked! And the thing is I wasn’t very good filling it; I procrastinate way too much! I guess I should have regarded this as an opportunity to indulge in a bit – even a lot – of sewing but no, I haven’t touched my sewing machine for six weeks. A. WHOLE. SIX. WEEKS! I can feel this cold blanket of guilt enveloping me, fine beads of sweat appearing on my forehead everytime I get near my Bernina. It’s badgering me some days, cajoling me others but I have yet to surrender to the call of the machine exerting a momentous pressure on my fragile state of mind and taking on all sorts of sounds, shapes and forms in my head (I know, I just scared myself re-reading that last sentence…and thinking that the world at large has remained blissfully unaware of my deep emotional bond with my Bernina – until now that is.) So, unsurprisingly, the Burda short pants, a project I mentioned back in July, never made it past the cutting and grading process. It’s too cold and too late now so it’s been shelved until 2015.

    So what did I do with my free time? August wasn’t a very warm month but I still went to the beach…


    I’v entered a new decade in my life and my friends and brother spoiled me for my birthday. I also got a wonderful present from my boyfriend in the shape of a concert ticket to see Kate Bush. Her performance was sensational, her voice magisterial, the staging wonderful, dramatic and unlike anything I’ve seen before in a live performance. This was pure magic and for anyone who loves her, I urge you to get hold of the live DVD when it comes out!


    My little brother, Alex, came to visit me and we had such a great time together, lots of fun and laughs…


    I read a lot, watched a few silly movies and, with so much spare time on my hands –obviously – I haven’t trimmed my beard for more than four weeks. I’ll spare you the pictures for now but the distant prospect of a photoshoot would undoubtedly coerce me into trimming the excess facial hair before I look like a clone of Karl Marx. Nothing like a bushy beard for raising a little flutter online I guess…


    A trip down to the fabric store(s) is first de rigueur before I sink my teeth into a new sewing project. What should I go for? And which pattern? I still don’t have a clue! I can only hope that the Sewing Gods will be right behind my back and nudge me in the right direction to pick the pattern and fabric that will prove a match made in heaven. Otherwise those bloodthirsty suckers may well demand a human sacrifice and I don’t want the recriminating finger of fate to be pointing at me. Sewing is serious business in my world – obviously.

    In more light-hearted news, there is an interesting fashion exhibition starting this week which I’m quite curious about. I’ll tell you all about it next week. Until then, have a lovely week everybody!


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12 Responses so far.

  1. Peter says:

    Great to hear from you again, David!

  2. Alex in California says:

    It’s good to take a break now and again. Good for the creative soul. Not to insult your brother but you look like the younger brother.

  3. devra says:

    sometimes we just have to ignore the siren song of the bernina, no matter how strong its magical emotional blackmail may seem 🙂

  4. wil says:

    Funny how everyone cycles with their sewing. I feel like I can’t sew enough these last few weeks.
    You look great!

    • David says:

      Glad you’re on a roll Wil. Weeks of rest seem to do wonders for my complexion too

  5. Steven says:

    Summer is too short to be doing too much sewing. Good to get outside and enjoy the nicer weather while it lasts.

  6. Sassy T says:

    Welcome back. Fabulous present, love Kate Bush!

  7. Gil says:

    I meant to ask if you’d stopped blogging. Now I know. See you in November. xo

  8. French Seams says:

    Welcome Back! Looking forward to seeing what you make next.

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