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  • Cold Dresses – Out TODAY!

    Posted on 19/07/2021 by David in My Fantasy World..., My Handmade Closet, Uncategorized.

    Well, the big day has finally arrived! My debut novel Cold Dresses is out TODAY on all major retailers!

    In case you wonder if this is for you, let me tell you a bit more about my book. Cold Dresses is a mystery/thriller with a Gothic edge, where you’ll find touches of romance, dystopia, paranormal, self-discovery…and dressmaking!

    I am deeply indebted to my amazing publisher who walked me enthusiastically through this first-book thing (a big thank you to Meaghan at Hurn Publications). But mostly, none of it would have happened without the amazing support, comments and encouragements I received from the sewing community back in the days.

    Below you will find the synopsis and a link to grab your copy! (Just click on the link and scroll down to select your favourite retailer on the left-hand side).

    I really hope you’ll enjoy reading it!


    For years they have haunted Chloe Westfield: ghostly visions in silk, restless whispers she tries to forget and put behind her. But the girl in the teal dress is different. Her tragic fate pulls Chloe back to idyllic Heavendale, a picturesque lakeside town where her estranged mother is now dedicated to dressmaking. It seems that many women are employed as dressmakers in her tiny hometown. Yet behind the innocent façade lies a much darker purpose – something sinister rooted in the women’s enigmatic leader.

    As secrets from the past resurface, Chloe finds herself with only one choice: solve the mystery behind the teal dress before she becomes its next victim . . . 

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