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  • Dazzling Upholstery

    Posted on 18/07/2012 by David in Fashion & Design Exhibitions.

    A recent visit to Shoreditch High Street made me realise that aficionados of creative design are exiting mainstream culture, drifting away towards the margins of Central London where fiercely talented designers aren’t afraid of creating distinctive artwork combined with high levels of skilled craft tradition.

    If there is one prime example of this, Squint Limited well and truly owns that title in my eyes. The shop is like no others and despite the small frontage, it is impossible to walk past it and not have your eyes drawn by the dazzling array of upholstery on display. The walls are lined with various rolls of colourful and lavish wallpaper and furniture, lamps and mirrors are being wrapped in the signature patchwork style of its owner, Lucas McKenna.

    When I entered the shop, I did not have the chance to meet the man himself – he works with a small team in a huge basement concealed beneath the store – but I was informed that every created piece is totally bespoke and no two pieces of furniture are ever the same. Everything is so beautiful and unique and some of the patchwork combinations, such as black & white and white & silver are perfectly suitable in more traditional settings while retaining their Wow factor.

    I can’t help but being completely uplifted by that amazing array of colour, pattern and texture to achieve such subtle balance of harmony and contrast and while leaving the shop, I make a quick promise to myself to save enough money in the future to purchase one of those marvellous sofas.


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