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  • An Elephant Design Parade

    Posted on 05/09/2013 by David in Fashion & Design Exhibitions.


    So what’s a boy to do when he enters a shopping centre and sees lots of beautifully sculpted and decorated elephants? He takes pictures of course! The Emerald Green Elephants Shirt  only finished a short while ago and they are back once more on the menu of this blog for a disarmingly tasty parade to watch (no pun intended, I can’t even bring myself to eat chocolate elephants!).

    Now you may be wondering where my obsession with these large mammals famous for their excellent memory comes from? Well it’s twofold and it’s actually a cute story to start with. My first and fondest memory of a soft toy was actually a medium-sized blue elephant which was allegedly given to me at birth. Surprisingly this is also the only one of my toys that has survived unscathed– that either says a lot about the quality or the fact that everything I touched as a toddler was doomed to a short life – and the one that I always refused to get rid of as an adult. It’s currently peacefully residing at my parents’ home earning a well-deserved retirement I should think.

    I also find the ivory trade deeply unsettling causing certain elephant species to rapidly fade into extinction so it’s always a heartwarming feeling when artists are brought together to create vibrant public art creations on elephant statues and raise awareness at the same time for the Asian Elephant Foundation. And the result? A 100-strong elephant herd beautifully hand-painted has just embarked on a 375-day national tour to give people from all walks of life a reason to smile. I think this is such a brilliant initiative combining beautiful design with an important message to help raise money for elephant conservation.  If you happen to meet them, enjoy the festival of colours and give them a big hug too!




4 Responses so far.

  1. Wil says:

    Wow! I doubt you were able to do any shopping with all those wonderful elephant sculptures.
    So, Is this near your house so you can wear your elephant shirt while admiring the sculptures?

    • David says:

      I have to say the shirt idea and the exhibition were totally unrelated although the idea crossed my mind to wear the elephants shirt the day I took the pictures (maybe I would have got a free pass for life if I had done it!). It was right near where I live (lucky me!) but they have now moved up the north of England for the next stage of their exciting journey! 🙂

  2. alexandre pelletier says:

    Lively colours and nice piece of writing as usual.May your blog live a long time!
    Just like your invaluable soft blue elephant toy!And don’t forget your “kiki playing tennis” too!

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