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  • Flower Power Jeans

    Posted on 05/06/2013 by David in My Handmade Closet.

    Flowers in full bloom and the 1960’s are back in my good books.  I’m expanding my mind listening to psychedelic music and feeling the love for Flower Power clothing; all of this with a modern twist, swapping Janis Joplin for Tame Impala  and explosions of colours for shades of blue and cream.

    Remember the jeans pictured in the short-sleeved shirt blog entry? We used to have great fun together! They were the cream of the crop and not a week went by without me wearing them at least once. Unfortunately time was not so kind on my good old friend: years of fun and traveling around meant they ended up “feeling” a little washed-out and out of shape. More fashionable garments crept up inside my wardrobe relegating my jeans to the part of a faded star, crying over their former glory and flamboyant past just like Norma Desmond did in Sunset Boulevard. But while William Holden’s character promised Norma a comeback which fell flat on its face, I put my money where my mouth is and delivered my own take on Flower Power revival.

    And here is the result…from drab to fab – in my eyes at least! Gone is the hole now covered with a cream and dark blue flower patch. The tired and torn pocket facings have been lined-up in similar fabric but the biggest change of all undoubtedly lies with the design of the hems. Now cropped to suit a summer style and flaunting two big flowers at the front, they look freshened up and ready to have another brush with success. There has certainly been no shortage of people looking at them on their first outing – approvingly or not, I was not sure – but my jeans happily lapped up all the attention they got as I did my best to look demure and unfazed.

    I tried to emulate the hippy look on the photo shoot with that super cool, hippyish shirt and not so hippy-looking Ray Ban sunglasses…at least I didn’t have to worry about the shoes, bare feet on grass was just perfect for the occasion. And if you like the makeover of these Flower Power jeans, a tutorial is on its way very soon…right here! (updated)


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