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  • Handmade Oyster Card Holders

    Posted on 30/05/2013 by David in My Handmade Crafts.

    It’s been bugging me for quite a long time and finally, I decided the other day to put an end to the cheap, conventional and most uninspiring piece of plastic design that was coming in and out of my bag. And that is the oyster card holder dear readers, which all of us Londoners have in common in the same shades of blue and ubiquitous underground logo. In this day and age when everyone seems so eager to lead the way in the style stakes, the samey and indistinguishable oyster card holder remains a symbolic gesture of a totalitarian system which would not have been out of place in the 1984 novel by George Orwell. To those who might think that comparing TFL (Transport for London) to a totalitarian system might be a step too far, I will only say to anyone thinking of visiting the beautiful city of London – which I love very much – to be prepared for the most expensive tube ride in the world.

    Anyway rant aside, beyond the purely aesthetic reasons pushing me to create my own designs, I also needed something practical to store business cards so I guess this makes it a functional 2-in-1 card holder. I was heavily inspired by the tutorial on Crafty Cupboard which offers clear visual directions on how to create your own card holder. Once I finished the first one, I was initially worried that I would have to remove the card from the sleeve everytime I clocked in or out – rather impractical with undoing and redoing the button – but thankfully I didn’t have to so it’s only fair I now pay a compliment to TFL’s card concept for not screwing up my designs! I won’t go down the same route as the iPad Mini Sleeves by giving them names but let’s just say there is a particular reason behind the design of each of them.


    Black & orange…a favourite combination of mine! Featuring words such as Sea, Love, Glam, Dance, Destroy (???) and Summer just to remind us that the hottest season of the year is on its way (or is it really?). I’ve also added a glossy red coconut shell button.


    Combining my favourite colour (Blue) with Japanese silk fabric that I had not used for my Floral Japanese cushions


    This is the stylish black business version. I used fabric remnants from one of my Handmade trousers which I accessorised with a glossy turquoise coconut shell button.




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