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  • Handmade Passport Holders

    Posted on 28/05/2014 by David in My Handmade Crafts.


    My old passport was almost unrecognisable by the time it reached the end of its shelf life. You couldn’t guess it was a travel document anymore nor could you tell my nationality from the front cover as every letter had faded beyond recognition. It was fine by me, the ever longing World citizen but my ideals were not always shared by the Airport Customs staff who gave me the odd look now and again.

    But now that I have a brand new passport, I’m going the extra mile to keep it all lovely, protected and beeeutiful for years to come thanks to my three handmade passport holders… the perfect solution to bring a smile to the Airport Customs staff. It’s a tough job for them out there so someone’s got to brighten up their days after all. Never underestimate the power of Handmade!

    Ok, let me explain because I have a scenario in mind for each of them…


    • The Holiday Passport Holder

    If life is a beach – or soon will be– then show it! And it won’t hurt that the design also includes a couple of hearts on the front and back cover. You never know where romance can start…and how far it might take you! Imagine, you’re waiting for your friend outside the duty-free shop and you see a handsome hunk passing by, you then carelessly drop your passport to the floor (naughty clumsy you!!!) and if he isn’t married or in a rush for his flight, this should get the conversation starting. Insert the words “I” and “you” on each side of the heart shape for more dramatic results including a last minute change of destination.


    • The Business Passport Holder

    Aka the City Banker Syndrome. Show professionalism and command respect on the outside…


    …but be a bag of sleaze and greed on the inside!

    No one should ever be reminded of Madonna’s performance in that pseudo courtroom drama which should be renamed Basic Stink. Erotic thrillers don’t come much worse than this and you may drop the Business passport holder in front of the hunk at your own risk! Mind you…if your flight is delayed and hot candle wax is your thing…


    • The Romantic Arty Passport


    I love that fabric…I don’t just love it, I adore it! I call it “my precious” in the same creepy voice as Gollum’s. It broke my heart to use it again for the lining inside but no other fabric was a perfect match. But maybe you could find your very own purrfect match with this eye-catching accessory? (Yeah, I’m clearly in a mood for match-making). Book your ticket to Rome, Paris, Vienna or Budapest now, drop your passport in front of the hunk who’s never seen so many passports dropping at his feet in his entire life…you might also drop your flight ticket to Paris if you reckon he’s husband material…and even your friend’s flight ticket while you’re at it (she’ll understand…eventually) and set off for that magical holiday where you’ll impress the hunk and the airport staff with your unparalleled sense of style. Keep going during the length of the flight and show off your other passport holders, cautiously revealing other aspects of yourself as long as you keep your Madonna impersonation under wraps (husband material, remember?).


    Right, let’s leave Planet Airport Dreams for a moment and come back to reality (as for the technical aspects of making passport holders, I may do a tutorial in the future if anyone is interested). So, I’ve decided that the Business passport holder goes to my friend Jason for his birthday this weekend (I assure you, he isn’t a sleazebag!) and the Holiday one is for my lovely boyfriend. I keep the Romantic Arty passport for myself…once a romantic, always a romantic!


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6 Responses so far.

  1. Wil says:

    I am a little jealous. My passport hasn’t been used. Yours has been used so much it is warn out.
    Great covers! I might have to make one to keep it warm as it sits in solitary confinement in my safe.

  2. Delgado says:

    Je les préfère tous, pas de jaloux ! Dommage que je ne possède pas de passeport mais je présume que l’on peut y insérer d’autres documents très utiles…

    • David says:

      Merci, comme tu dis, du moment que les documents sont de la taille requise, pas de probleme.

  3. Sassy T says:

    These are fabulous, yeah post a tute.

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