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  • Kaffe Fassett exhibition

    Posted on 28/03/2013 by David in Fashion & Design Exhibitions.

    The Fashion and Textile Museum just opened a brand new exhibition last weekend celebrating the work of one of the world’s leading textile artists, Kaffe Fassett.

    Fassett is perhaps best known for his vibrant and complex work with colours regardless of the way he communicates with them. Indeed he has experimented with many decorative arts such as mosaic, needlepoint, knitting and quilting, for which he garnered a great reputation by the 1990’s. There was always going to be a big incentive for me to attend such exhibition as Fassett is renowned for his skilful approach to blending pattern, texture and colour together – a delicate and complex balance that won him an international following over the decades and that any interior designer like myself is aspiring to.

    A lot of Fassett’s inspiration finds its roots in his extensive travelling; whether that’s rural Scotland which spurred him to start knitting, or India in 1992 where he experienced a sharp shift in his use of colour for the years to come. A master of many arts – he is also a renowned painter and also found inspiration in the world of fashion – he nevertheless stayed true to his use of vibrant colours which has become his trademark throughout his work.

    This exhibition, dubbed “A Life in Colour”, offers many highlights including extravagantly-coloured 9-foot-wide knitted shawls and features a ‘feeling’ wall that allows visitors to touch and better understand the textiles on display and their construction.

    A great exhibition of a timeless artist that went on to inspire a generation of young artists and crafters and here is below a glimpse of his work.

    “Looking back and reflecting on where creativity has taken me, I see how basic humble elements in life can lead to the highest flights of fantasy” Kaffe Fassett

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