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  • Little Black Dress Completed – Butterick 6582

    Posted on 04/03/2014 by David in The Women I Sew For.


    Let’s play a little game of decades, shall we?

    1920’s: Coco Chanel invented the little black dress

    1960’s: The retro dress pattern from Butterick 6582

    1870’s: Carmen by French composer Georges Bizet was born on stage.

    Are you confused? You’re not alone. Confusion is my natural state of mind after all but it all made perfect sense in my twisted little mind after shooting Nadia, the dress – and a pink coat doubling as a cape.

    It seems that Nadia was in a mood for a bit of Carmen action that day and she clearly thrived on the challenge of impersonating Carmen and the bull at once. No limits to her talents, right? Nothing prompted, pure improvisation, and the Madhouse was kind enough to lend me the gifted specimen for 20 minutes or so under close surveillance.

    Carmen looking pensive from afar and leaning against a turquoise and grey wall. Is Don Jose the love of her life? Or is it Escamillo? Be careful Carmen! The grass isn’t always greener on the other side!


    She looks at the bows and then at the sun. Damn, those things are huge! Is it a sign? The confusion sets into her mind and she sings “Toréador, en garde! Toréador, Toréador!”


    Carmen is praying before entering the arena and looks at the world through rose-coloured glasses. Is she tripping on magic mushrooms? Everything around her is soOO beautiful, cool and awesome!


    Carmen now comes to her senses and it’s not a familiar sensation to deal with. She’s ready to fight…in style of course! Look at the pause, a real Spanish diva!


    Don’t forget to pout a little for the cameras Carmen! It will undoubtedly be the highlight of my zero budget garden opera!


    Carmen’s ready for action…the pink coat becomes a pink cape and the black dress is still a black dress – but who cares it’s not red? I made it and Carmen loves it! Out of black jersey fabric that was and I bet you can’t avert your gaze from the sultry gypsy temptress looking partly deranged with her long hair covering her face.  It’s detracting you. You’re scared now. And so is the bull…


    Graceful cape movements from Carmen…She LOVES the freedom of her new dress…no restraint on the body…being outdoors is so much more fun than her usual environment!


    The death of the bull…or is it Carmen?  Can someone tell me if Gender Identity Disorder crosses over between a female matador and a bull?


    Blood spilling on the grass but Carmen is alive, acclaimed by the crowds, and ready to be escorted back to her psychiatric ward. Don’t you love a happy ending this time?



7 Responses so far.

  1. oonaballoona says:

    lookit that cute booty on carmen! the bull is helpless!

  2. Vasiliki says:

    Brilliant!!! The story goes so well with the music, your Carmen is a natural!! 🙂

    • David says:

      Thanks Regina! Carmen’s behaviour that day, although a bit odd, was very inspiring 🙂

  3. lola says:

    Nadia\Carmen looks great in her new dress, a very funny commentary. xx

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