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  • Makegood Festival

    Posted on 04/06/2014 by David in Fashion & Design Exhibitions.


    How good was Makegood festival  2014 last Saturday? Well, very good indeed! It was a three-day festival of culture, creativity and entrepreneurship held in Central London which showcased the work of over 200 brand new creative businesses. Everything or rather everyone was represented from chefs, crafters, seamstresses to tech whizzes, jewellers, publishers and a lot more. The pool of talent was endless!

    I attended the event for a couple of hours and spoke to some of them who happily shared their stories and what drove them to start their own business. It was really interesting and they were such a friendly bunch! I often asked them in the end if I could take a couple of pictures. “Of course, who is this for?” “Design Closeup”…silence…”What’s that?” “It’s a blog”…”Oh, great, what is it about? Yikes, where do I start?  “Well, I make clothes and stuff, write about some of the latest exhibitions and sometimes whatever else happens in my life and, oh, I go loopy once in a while and write crazy stuff where me and my crazy friends dress up in like, period stuff?” Awkward smile ensues…nah, I learned from experience to keep it simple but moments like these make me realise my online identity is slightly…how should I word it…all over the place? Hands up, I admit it! But I’d like to think that it’s not a bad thing after all.

    Ok, back to Makegood and let’s get it out of my system now, the big highlight for me was meeting the super lovely Tilly who had her own booth for, as you all know, Tilly and the Buttons! You bet I wouldn’t miss the opportunity of a snapshot!


    Would you believe I’d never met a fellow DIY dressmaker blogger before last Saturday? I was sad to miss the NYlon 2014 event a couple of weeks ago but then, I was away.

    There is no room to mention everyone sadly – and believe me, they all deserve a mention – so I’ll stick to a few of my personal highlights:

    Salt and Buoy (Super gorgeous embroidered linen cushions)


    Fable & Base (Sustainable hand-printed textiles)


    Creative Places (Creative courses and workshops)


    Clementine & Bloom (Luxury designs for the home)


    Crista Repo  (Scandinavian high-end men’s collection)


    Zoe Murphy (Recycled/Hand-printed furniture and textiles…love her work!)


    Hajera Memon (gorgeous pop-up books for children)


    How fun is that moving wheel! I have yet to figure out what that was all about!

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7 Responses so far.

  1. KarenJ says:

    It was great wasn’t it? I took the kids on Saturday. Saw some familiar faces on the Make a Wish stand. Did you get a badge from Tilly? 🙂

    • David says:

      Nope I didn’t 🙁 but yes, I really enjoyed it, glad you and the kids had a fun day!

  2. Wil says:

    The fun at shows like this is talking to the people and getting ideas for projects. Joe is always sure to tell people I am thinmansewing. That always embarrasses me. And just like you, I try to describe my blog and that I do it for fun, not business.
    Sounds like it was a great day.

    • David says:

      That’s cute of Joe to do the “promotion”, even if slightly embarrassing at times. Beard is here to stay for a while I reckon, no more tedious shaving in the morning, yeah! 🙂

  3. Wil says:

    Forgot to say..

    Great Beard!

  4. Such a brilliant array of beautifully crafted items! Thanks for sharing your photos – would love to have been there in person and it’s great to have a little peep at what was there 🙂

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