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  • My Handmade floral Japanese cushions

    Posted on 02/03/2013 by David in My Handmade Crafts.

    I may not be able to keep flowers or plants alive in my house but at least I have decided to test my horticultural skills on my newly handmade floral Japanese cushions! Picture the scene. It’s another cold and grey day in London and I am simply longing for spring! Floral prints may never go out of fashion but there are no flowers in my garden! So when I had the opportunity to purchase remnants of silk floral kimono fabric from a lovely Japanese couple, I found it rather easy to justify the indulgence.

    There is something quintessentially Japanese about kimono fabric. This is after all the traditional dress of men and women in Japan, although kimonos are often worn only for special occasions these days. According to an old Japanese legend, when the angry sun goddess plunged the world into darkness by hiding in a cave, other divinities enticed her out with a dance of blue and white kimono silk banners.

    Personally I totally fell in love with the simple yet striking floral designs, and making these cushions was a real joy for me. And going back to the start of the story, I only metaphorically “planted” the cushions in my garden for photographic purposes. Bringing the floral prints back to nature? Not such a bad idea after all!

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