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  • My Handmade iPad Mini Sleeves

    Posted on 02/04/2013 by David in My Handmade Crafts.

    For most celebrities, an invitation to walk down the red carpet is the moment they know they have made it…my handmade iPad Mini sleeves believe they are certainly no exception.  Remember when I mentioned working on 5 different iPad cover designs two weeks ago? Well here they are, dressed up to the nines in tartan, denim, cotton, vinyl or polyester and showing off their pretty buttons. There is no lost love between them though and they will do anything – anything! –  to be this season’s coveted accessory. I won’t mention names but some of the temper tantrums I had to deal with would make Mariah Carey’s notorious diva tendencies pale by comparison! Anyway, enough said about their behaviour, what matters are their show-stealing performances on the red carpet so let’s have a look at the contenders for this year’s Public choice award in the” Handmade iPad Mini sleeves” category.


    Classy Green

    Classy Green may look demure in appearance but would rather let his beautifully textured dogtooth fabric do the talking!  A black flap combined with a lovely printed wooden button complete the look perfectly. A fitting start to an exciting show surely!


    Red Fantasy

    “Sex and the City” anyone? Red Fantasy gingerly confessed to me prior to the start of the show that her dream was to be snapped up quickly so she can live a life of luxury in the hands of a Carrie Bradshaw lookalike and fulfil their mutual dream of a happily ever after shoe wonderland…talking about delusions of grandeur here!


    Purple Animal

    Purple Animal’s message is not that dissimilar to what your average Miss Universe contestant would routinely utter: World Peace and Wildlife Conservation – since watching Free Willy. At least she has the courage of her convictions with those pretty animal design appliqués and she certainly knows how to make that shiny purple vinyl flap work on the red carpet!


    Urban Orange

    It took me all the tricks of the trade to drag Urban orange on the red carpet. He was deeply worried that his street cred might be seriously compromised if spotted with “posh- looking handmade iPad sleeves”.  I was about to give up when a look at Red Fantasy strutting her stuff on the carpet was enough to convince him to accept…even love can make you sacrifice your urban roots these days!


    Denim Blue

    Denim Blue also nicknamed “Cool Blue” does not need to try hard. His inspiration comes from the movie “Cool Hand Luke” as he emulates effortlessly the look of his idol Paul Newman. A winner for some surely but is he a winner in your eyes?

    Actually who is your winner? This is the Public’s choice award after all…let me know your thoughts! 🙂


3 Responses so far.

  1. Marius Els says:

    I see you are on a roll, fab!! Love the Urban Orange. x

    • David says:

      It’s my favourite too Marius! (with the orange flap) xx 🙂

    • Aigul says:

      Excellent material! Good to find sonmoee who knows what they are onabout and can produce exellent blog for us the reader.without doubt looking forward to your next posting.

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