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  • Cherry on top

    Posted on 23/01/2014 by Nadia in Fashion & Design Exhibitions.

    Let’s face it, we all have qualms, and especially when embarking on something new.

    A monthly entry and I am to write it! Yikes! I just realised what they mean by the fear of the blank page! Doubts are whispering, self-doubt creeping in; yes I am a bit scared!

    Why would anyone be interested in what I have to say? Why am I putting myself out there? What are people going to think? What if I’m not good enough?

    Enough already! I am clearly not a writer, but I am not here to dazzle with my writing skills, but rather to share and exchange thoughts and experiences, likes and even dislikes, and who knows what else.

    I got it!

    I am going to write about one of the world’s most prestigious and expensive hotels in London (incidentally I briefly worked there)…


    Or even better I am going to write about an Über cool part of London…

    I introduce my amazing proposals and right there and then I am kindly asked to forget about my extraordinary ideas. I am trying to direct “someone’s” attention to the fact that the blog is not called “The journey of a 40 something woman in lala land” after all!

    As some of you already know, I am a guest blogger on this blog. Someone described me as very keen on flying the flag high for women over 40. Now the entire planet knows my age, assuming the entire planet reads my entries. :). I am not exactly sure what flying the flag high means, but I am sure having a whale of a time!

    Of course the blog reflects David in all his magnificence (EGO RUB), and if this blog were a sundae, I’d be the cherry on top!

    So what does a cherry on top do?

    It has FUN! The true reason and motivation that I appear on this blog is fun. At the same time, for the hopeless sewing persons, like myself, I will be sharing fun tips and tricks, on how to go from DRAB to FAB! Of course, there are the fictional characters (YES, you got it! More fun!) that we have in store for you. Last but not least, there are the people that cross my path, each one different, and with a different story, that leave a mark, an imprint, and whose stories must be shared.

    My first baby steps writing these entries, will be shaky and tentative, and I am certain that there will be hits and misses, but I hope that in time, the hits will be all there is. :). Again, having FUN is what motivates me to appear here, so I hope to see you here, soon and often, and next time for a “proper one” as they say in my neck of the woods.

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