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  • Painting on Fabric

    Posted on 10/09/2013 by David in Fashion & Design Exhibitions.


    Remember the curtain fabric I talked about a little while ago?  My super talented friend Lola is actually painting them for another friend of ours called Penny who purchased this painting from Lola:

    I personally love this painting which is hanging in Penny’s bedroom and is the main inspiration behind the design of the curtains. While I can sew reasonably well, I have absolutely no training in the art of painting so Lola -a professional artist – will be painting them. I must confess it can be a frustrating feeling sometimes when you admire the work of other artists but know deep inside that unless you go through a huge amount of training, it’s very unlikely you will achieve their results…until now! Well not quite maybe but Lola has been very generous and shared with me a technique that can be mastered with less effort while still producing beautiful results onto fabric.  I tried this method a while ago and I would certainly advise to experiment before applying directly onto the fabric of your choice but when used successfully, it can make your garments or furnishings look absolutely unique!

    I am not sure if this has a name but the “Potato technique” seems the most suitable expression in my opinion as you primarily use potatoes to paint your designs. You simply draw the shape of your choice on a potato cut in half, carve around your design, paint it and press the potato directly onto the fabric.

    The result shown on the curtains consists of different shapes of leaves and dots painted in various shades of green, red and yellow. A piece of advice from Lola is to actually not worry if your dots and leaves aren’t quite matching in size or shape or are even a bit blurred sometimes. This actually contributes to making your design more vibrant and ultimately makes the difference between a printed and a handmade design. Don’t hesitate to experiment with darker shades of the same colour to enhance that beautiful handmade feel!

    Here is Lola’s result after using her technique over large panels of curtain fabrics…one word: stunning!

    You can experiment that way with painting a spring or autumnal landscape or even objects!

    So what do you think? I am so excited about it that I want to make a garment one day using this technique. Watch this space! In the meantime, feel free to admire some of Lola’s beautiful artwork work right here on this link!

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