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  • Retro Cherry Shirt

    Posted on 05/08/2014 by David in The Women I Sew For.


    If ever there was a fabric that brought an instant smile to my face, this white cotton with black dots, red cherries and green stems would be it.  It looks so summery, so fresh, bursting with colour and life and a perfect illustration of the beautiful summer we’re currently enjoying in South-East England.  But it wasn’t me who bought this fabric; my friend Clorinda did hoping that I would make her a summer shirt. The opportunity to work with such an interesting fabric was too good to miss and besides, I knew Clorinda had that face that could pull off anything retro or vintage beautifully (I genuinely hope it sounds like a compliment…) .


    The shirt is a simple design but the challenge for me was to draw the pattern from scratch and do a decent fitting obviously. The former took me a while to get my head around it but it was the latter which turned out to be the real challenge and it took me a couple of fittings to achieve that semi-fitted look Clorinda was after. I also drew the collar by hand and went for pleated sleeves to get that retro feel.


    The rest of the shirt went without a hitch and I particularly like the glossy red buttons which I found in my local market.

    Can you spot the button among the cherries?


    I took some pictures on my mannequin Melissa first but asked Clorinda to send me a picture of herself wearing the shirt and yes, she really does look gorgeous in this shirt.


    To finish with this post’s retro theme, I should add I’m getting a bit more “vintage” myself as today is my birthday. So here’s hoping that I’ll master the art of ageing gracefully just like a fine wine because the older I get, the better I like it.

    Funny wine quote: “I’m trying a new wine diet…so far I’ve lost 3 days!” 



10 Responses so far.

  1. Clorinda says:

    Love the shirt David… The buttons are so cute!.. And the blog is great…Thanks very much!

  2. wil says:

    The Self-drafted pattern is amazing. The collar is perfect for Clorinda.
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Carolyn says:

    The shirt looks terrific! and I really love those pleated sleeves. They are beautiful!

  4. Delgado says:

    Panne de traduction aujourd’hui ! Pas besoin les cerises parlent d’elles-mêmes et sont belles à croquer….tout comme ton amie Clorinda lol. De plus, magnifiques petits boutons assortis aux motifs fruits, j’adore 🙂

  5. Mainelydad says:

    Love the sleeve detail! Beautiful.

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