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  • My Sewing Room in Pictures

    Posted on 14/02/2014 by David in My Handmade Closet.


    Ever wondered what Design Closeup HQ looked like? Well, wonder no more my friends and feel free to have a sneak peek inside!  The space is small – less than 4 metres long and 2 metres wide – but it’s super bright and ideal for daytime sewing. However, because of the size, I had to make sure it was organised as efficiently as I could.


    On one side is my Bernina 850 which came with its own table. To accommodate my overlocker next to it, I built my very own table from a few MDF sheets. I painted it white except the top which is raspberry red, the same colour as the wallpaper on one side of the walls. I was initially looking around for a suitable table but they were either too large or too wide and I didn’t entertain the idea of having the office door bumping into my sewing table everytime someone was coming in.


    Opposite is my work desk, which was a Christmas present from my boyfriend. I put an old glass top with a piece of wallpaper underneath: funky and dead cheap! To make a smooth transition between working on my desk and sewing activities, I treated myself to an ergonomic swivel chair – not that I had much choice though, there was hardly any space left between the two tables.

    The shelving units you see at the back of the picture, next to the door, were bought from eBay for a mere £1.04 (less than $2). I put some of my fabric stash there which is ordered by colour on good days.


    Right at the back – the space where I have to crawl into because of the sloped ceiling – are four large drawers which were of no use to anyone. I put inside more fabric, patterns, interfacing, samples and some of my sewing equipment. I was meant to give them a fresh coat of paint but haven’t got around to it yet. You can also see a pile of books on one side, all of them dedicated to sewing and design.


    This is probably my favourite object in my sewing room: a shoe box decorated in a really cool way by my friend Regina. I put all my threads in there.


    My dress form and iron/ironing board are in my bedroom next door. I sometimes work there for projects where I need more space like cutting fabric which I usually do on the floor, sitting on a couple of cushions (not great for the back but I like the sensation of working more freely that way). Speaking of cushions, I thought I would show you a picture of all the cushions I made last year sitting on a top shelf in the bedroom.


    In closing, what do you think of the organisation of my sewing room?  Any suggestions for improvement? Do any of you sew in a restricted space and how do you get around it in terms of organisation? Oh, and does anyone want a private guided tour? 🙂


9 Responses so far.

  1. Wil says:

    What a beautiful space. I really like the Bernina and overlocker set up.
    Sign my husband and I up for the private tour.
    When will the free plane tickets arrive?

  2. Linda Jones says:

    the photos on your blog are always blocked out when I try to look at it any idea why?

    • David says:

      I’m not sure at all Linda,I’ve never heard that problem before. have you tried typing the URL directly onto your browser or Google Design Closeup and see if that makes any difference?

  3. maddie says:

    Nice space! I can understand sewing in a tight quarters, my sewing space is very small!

    • David says:

      Thanks Maddie, it’s definitely some organisation but I feel very privileged to even have one, however small it is, just for myself!

  4. Delgado says:

    Malgré une petite superficie ton espace est bien agencé et très fonctionnel.J’ai cru reconnaître la pendule murale achetée à Arès ainsi que l’étoffe “vert pomme” offerte et dont tu n’as pas trouvé l’utilité il me semble.

    Je suis partante pour une visite guidée en privé, je prends mon vélo et je serai là dans 5 minutes…;) Kisssssssssss

    • David says:

      Tu es tres perspicace! On ne peut rien te cacher 🙂 Je suis sur que l’etoffe verte me servira bientot. Bisous 🙂

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