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  • Shades of Red & Grey: Heart Cushion & Trousers

    Posted on 23/04/2013 by David in My Handmade Closet, My Handmade Crafts.


    Looking at the heart cushion, you could be forgiven for thinking that this post is slightly out of turn or that I’m experiencing a pang of nostalgia about the commercial schmaltz-fest that is Valentine’s Day on February 14th. It’s actually a second cushion commission from my friend Clorinda but this time she wanted a large embroidered red heart against a dark grey/charcoal background. I was initially delighted to oblige only to quickly realise that this challenge was pushing me substantially out of my comfort zone: firstly I cannot do embroidery on my sewing machine; secondly I defy anyone to look online and search for fabrics with large-sized hearts because there are none as far I am aware.

    After putting that project aside for a little while, I came across two gorgeous textured fabrics in charcoal and red colours. I love the red fabric which is striking with its slight hints of black as I really wanted to avoid using felt which has the advantage of not fraying but is just a bit cheap-looking I think.  I put a piece of interfacing against the back of the red fabric – so that it doesn’t fray – and cut a large heart in it. To give that crafty look and that embroidered feel, I hand sewed the heart onto the charcoal fabric by using 2 double layers of white thread. I then added a piping cord to the cushion from the same red fabric (I preferred for that design to round the corners of the cushion) and finished it off which a small red heart appliqué with a polka dot design centred in the middle – I know Clorinda loves her white polka dots!

    Some have been hailing grey as the new cream – possibly because they are both considered neutral colours – but I think that cream is safe and boring – on its own at least – while grey can be edgy unless you’re head to toe in it and work in the financial district. A good way to make the overall look or design work is to choose a grey fabric in contrasting shapes and textures and combine it with a bright colour of similar intensity….a classy and sexy combination that can work for men and women alike.

    I may try to prove my point here and translate the colours from the heart cushion into my sense of fashion. I’ve just finished another pair of trousers and yes, they’re red (well sort of). So why not combining them with grey? Give me grey anyday although I would happily swap the grey skies over London for blue. Oh that’s another idea then! Red, grey and blue together! So let’s finish it off for today with me in my newly handmade red trousers, a grey jumper with blue cords and blue shoes!


    Let’s do a closeup on this look with matching trainers this time!


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