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  • Short Sleeved Shirt

    Posted on 18/05/2013 by David in My Handmade Closet.

    After the trousers and the vintage skirt, here is the short sleeved shirt! This was also my first time dabbling with a more complex pattern with no less than 15 pieces and a fairly basic set of instructions. I was quite grateful for the shirt course I did at the start of the year which greatly minimised my sense of frustration even though some of the instructions left me wondering a little.  I vividly remember a particular one which played havoc on my poor neurons as it felt like I was attempting to decipher hieroglyphics.  But I persevered and yes, I reckon it paid off and the shirt fits me very nicely!

    The pattern itself is from Vogue (V8889) which you can adapt to short or long sleeves.  It’s one of their latest shirt patterns and I did find it quite stylish as a lot of men’s shirt designs on the market can be pretty boxy and boring. Two interesting points I liked about this pattern were the addition of two side pieces connecting the front and the back of the shirt together as opposed to the regular back-front combination. This useful addition meant you had greater control over the look of the shirt, whether you wanted it quite loose or fitted. I chose not to do any alterations to the pattern – I still have a lot to learn in that area – and in the end, it worked out perfectly fine just based on my hips and waist measurements. The other point I quite liked was the covered front button band which I initially disliked – it did not show off the pretty white and pale blue buttons I had selected for the shirt – but I eventually endorsed the concept which I now find quite elegant and minimalist.

    The fabric I chose was light blue linen and overall, I was really pleased with the way I executed the yoke, sleeves and collar band, some of the most challenging aspects in a shirt. I could certainly do with a bit more improvement on the evenness of my flat-felled seams and I still wonder why sewing buttons is a bit of a challenge for me. It’s one of the simplest things but I seem to do 2 or 3 buttons perfectly fine before losing the plot completely on the next one…just breathe and relax David, breathe and relax…

    Ok, there are a lot of sewing details about my first handmade shirt in this blog entry, although I try to remind myself that the general idea behind the blog is not to concentrate so much on my sewing experience but rather on the combined sewing and design aspects and admittedly, there is not much about design in here…just yet! Look at me in the picture below with the shirt and that awfully worn pair of jeans. Remember that because I will concentrate on those two garments and attempt to make them more cool and design-ey. Give me a bit of time and watch this space! 🙂



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