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  • Shorts: New Project & Repairs Dilemma

    Posted on 16/07/2014 by David in My Handmade Closet.

    I’m glad I got my mojo back about sewing lately. Clorinda’s shirt is ready for a first fitting and I’m about to start work on a couple of shorts.

    Last week I bought Burda 7381 to make a new pair of shorts for this summer.


    I visited Cloth House in Central London and completely fell in love with this fabric.


    Those of you who are familiar with Cloth House may know that none of their fabrics are cheap but this 100% handmade organic cotton fabric is so soft it makes it irresistible to touch. This will be my first foray into chevrons and this promises to be a different and somewhat more complicated affair from good old plaids matching so I’d better look up for a good tutorial.


    The second project revolves around my favourite pair of shorts which I purchased a couple of years ago and they certainly got their fair share of wear – and tear.


    That’s what happened a couple of weeks ago when I wore them for my Body Pump class – those poor babies were undoubtedly unable to withstand the strain of my bending buttocks when performing squats.

    I’m usually not one for alterations or repairs but I desperately want to rescue them. I stupidly fooled myself that a few hand stitches here and there would do the trick but that didn’t look good and that didn’t last more than a week either.


    I sent yesterday a picture to my friend Rita who suggested 2 solutions to me:

    1)      Remove the pocket – Patch the hole with a piece of fabric interfacing – relocate and resew the pocket so that it covers the patch, which means doing the same job for the left pocket so it doesn’t look wonky, which also implies removing the shorts’ lining from the waistband so that I can sew it all properly. In short, I would need to allocate a substantial amount of time to this project but it should look good in the end.

    2)      A much simpler way would be patching the area with a nice piece of fabric. I normally like this kind of solution: it’s fun & fast but as much as I’m one to experiment with quirky ideas, I’m not sure any fabric could enliven a pair of gingham shorts without looking odd; none that I have in my fabric stash anyway.


    So this is my dilemma for this week!  Should I fix or ditch? Should I repair or replace with the yet to be made Burda shorts?  And do you occasionally do repairs for some of your favourites clothes?


    Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are!


8 Responses so far.

  1. Sue says:

    Since the hole is not big, maybe you can look inside the pants and cut out a piece of the same fabric to patch the hole eg. part of a large seam allowance or hem or inside of waistband.
    You could also carefully open the part of the pocket next to the hole, cut out gingham fabric behind pocket and use that to patch the hole. Replace the out out part with another fabric since that is behind the pocket and won’t show. Just match lines of patch and resew pocket.

    • David says:

      Thanks for the advice Sue, I’ll check what seam allowance I can potentially play with in hem area

  2. lola says:

    yes, repair all the time, usually with that iron on stuff then it bends up at the edges – ah well. I also like the idea of embellishment, anything or everything! Those chevrons look challenging!I’m sure you will do a great job after seeing your tartan numbers!

  3. Delgado says:

    Cruel dilemme écoute ta petite voix intérieure, ta première idée sera la bonne ! Ainsi tu es tombé amoureux du tissu à chevrons, Lee n’est-il pas jaloux ? Quant à la réparation de vêtements usagés, je n’y ai jamais pensé, malgré tout, c’est une très bonne idée qui aurait pu me faire économiser de l’argent sur le long terme…:)

    • David says:

      Je n’ai toujours pas decide, il fait tellement chaud a Londres en ce moment que j’ai du mal a me motiver…j’adore le tissu a chevrons et Lee aussi donc pas de jalousie, je pense que ca pourrait etre tres joli 🙂

  4. Wil says:

    The Chevron shorts will sure mess with everyones eyes! Put a cute patch on the hole in your shorts. Then when someone comments, you will know they are looking at your derrière. HAHAHA

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