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  • Three Sewing Projects in the Pipeline…

    Posted on 15/08/2013 by David in My Handmade Closet.


    A happy sun smiling on a hot summer day and I’m all smiles too! (I took that picture near Bond St in London by the way). I may not have a finished garment to show you just yet but I have three exciting sewing projects on the go which are bound to challenge me nicely in the weeks to come. What are they? Without further ado, let’s find out!


    The Green Elephants Summer Shirt

    Soft linen in light emerald green combined with a gorgeous vintage cotton fabric with cute little elephants should hopefully make for something somewhat unconventional and interesting. Indeed I have another shirt idea in mind, my third one after the plain blue linen shirt and the blue and yellow shirt and undoubtedly, the most challenging of the three in terms of design.  This project is fairly advanced now and I have to say I am really excited about the result to come so without revealing too much, I will show you a little sneak preview of the fabrics at cutting stage to give you an idea:

    Ignore the buttons on the picture, they’re not the right style for this project in my opinion and I should receive new ones very soon!

    My deadline: You’ll have it for next week! 🙂


    Triple Pleat Curtains

    I bet you can hardly contain your excitement reading this….ok, I know it doesn’t sound very appealing on paper and the uninspiring picture of plain panels I sewed together certainly doesn’t help but here comes the interesting part. My good friend Lola who is a talented painter, designer and illustrator is going to breathe life into those plain curtains using her magic touch – and brush – to transform them into something unique and visually exciting. I promise these won’t be your run-of-the-mill curtains and besides Lola’s involvement in the design aspect, I will be making them into triple pleats!

    My deadline: Not entirely sure but I would guess by mid-September!


    My very first dress…

    Not for me I’m afraid although the thought did cross my mind when I bought yesterday that beautiful cotton fabric that I will turn into a dress for my friend Rita. I did the Kindle cover for her birthday earlier this year and although there is no cause for celebration on her side this time round, making a dress represents a bit of a milestone in my sewing odyssey that I am looking forward to reach! So I decided to do it in style by splashing out more money than I originally intended into this fabric and working on the following Vogue pattern:

    I will certainly do a muslin before so that I can address any fitting issues as I don’t want to spoil the fabric which seems to fray very easily. I have yet to choose the type of dress from the pattern but I’m likely to put a little spin on it and possibly add another contrast fabric to the project…some plain red would be nice too?

    My deadline: sometime in September!


    Any of these projects you’re excited to see come to life?


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  1. KarenJ says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing all of these, especially the dress.

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