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  • Travel Card Holders

    Posted on 07/10/2014 by David in My Handmade Crafts.


    When I carefully positioned my handmade travel card holders around the wooden clock, I couldn’t help thinking how fitting this arrangement was. Paris in 1921 suddenly reminded me of the movie Midnight in Paris and the concept of travelling back in time to the Roaring 20’s. I sometimes feel a pang of nostalgia for those old black & white movies and the endearing crackling background noise of jazz recordings. In fact, Paris 1928 was recently the subject of a very interesting programme on BBC4 called Bright Lights, Brilliant Minds: A Tale of Three Cities. This was the year when the surrealists Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel brought their vision to the general public with the release of Un Chien Andalou, and writers and musicians such as Ernest Hemingway and George Gershwin came to Paris looking for inspiration. I doubt their transatlantic cruise tickets would have fitted in my travel card holders though. But that was never the intention; nostalgia isn’t on the cards for today and the theme of these handmade travel wallets is very much anchored around designs and colours that truly inspire me.


    Vintage Cherry

    I’ve already used this fabric before when I made Clorinda’s shirt. I really like the combination of deep red, black dots, and a touch of green leaves.


    Pink Delight

    Pink is like marmite to me: you either love it or hate it and for a long time I thought I belonged to the latter group. Elle Woods in Legally Blonde anyone? She was fun but the whole candy pink look was a tad too much in my opinion. I wanted to challenge myself and make pink pretty, girly but visually interesting. I’m so stupidly proud of the result even though you’ll never see me travelling with one of them!


    Bonbon Blue

    I’ve made this design before but I just like it so much that I made some more. I must credit my friend Regina for the name. She commented on the blog one day and said they looked like bonbons. I thought that was just the word!



    I think I’ve ranted before about the cheap piece of blue plastic and ubiquitous underground logo that all of us Londoners take out of our pockets to pass through the ticket gates. Consider this version as my unofficial update on the tawdry TFL design. I’ve made others around the Baker St, Waterloo, and Hyde Park station logos.


    I think Ride-in-Style is my favourite! Which one is yours?


4 Responses so far.

  1. Peter says:

    I vote underground logos! (But they’re all cute)

  2. Clorinda Prina says:

    I absolutely love these travel card holders!.. I especially love the Bonbon Blue and of course the Vintage Cherry!!.
    I also love your reference on 1920’s Paris.. Beautifully captured!
    Great photography too..I love the way you have positioned the holders and how the different colours and prints intertwine!

  3. wil says:

    They are all beautiful. Great work and inspiration as always.

  4. Delgado says:

    Mon petit “coup de coeur” est pour vintage cerise mais je les préfère tous, pas de jaloux:)

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