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  • White & Red Heart Skirt

    Posted on 17/07/2013 by David in The Women I Sew For.

    It seems like London is finally enjoying a long spell of hot temperatures and blissful weather after six consecutive years of miserable summers! I must confess having spent a large portion of my spare time enjoying outdoors swimming and watching the Wimbledon championships. That probably explains why I have failed to post anything over the last three weeks as I haven’t done a lot of sewing I’m afraid. However it was not all swimming, TV and sunbathing as I have been busy studying basic blocks for pattern cutting which are essential for design creativity. I started with the easiest block, that is the skirt, and luckily for me, theory quickly transformed into practice as my friend Clorinda contacted me around that same time asking me if I could do for her a similar skirt to these ones:

    As you can see this is like an A-line skirt with 2 large pleats at the front. Clorinda wanted a summer skirt with a vintage look to it which was essentially practical and comfortable. She chose that gorgeous 100% cotton fabric in red with small white hearts and we had great fun discussing how we could make the design a little bit more unique without being overly fussy. Clorinda wanted the flexibility to wear a belt so we favoured belt loops over a large bow at the front, instead designing two smaller bows attached to the outside of each inseam pocket.

    After carefully collecting Clorinda’s measurements, here I was drawing on paper my first skirt pattern! Just to be on the safe side, I did a calico version first before sewing the final version of the skirt. I think I am starting to reach average sewing speed by now although lining the skirt was clearly more work than I anticipated. I brought the final result to Clorinda on Monday and nothing beat the moment when she tried it on and said “the skirt fits me like a glove!” That was the best compliment I could receive, the work on the basic blocks had paid off and it made me feel utterly fantastic for the rest of the day. And in the first picture at the top is Clorinda modelling her own skirt 🙂



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