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  • Woollen Flat Cap

    Posted on 13/11/2013 by David in My Handmade Closet.


    It’s a wrap on the cap and it will certainly be a useful addition to my winter wardrobe. I got this pattern from Don, the man behind Urbandon and a menswear designer who creates uber-cool handmade clothes with an edge. If you haven’t had a look yet, the purple cap on Don’s blog looks great, his instructions are crystal clear and although I will conveniently ignore the reference to Jason Statham – simply because I’m a movie snob – it’s true that the image of the flat cap has evolved over time and suits pretty much anyone irrespective of gender or social class.

    A discarded cream woollen jumper was my fabric of choice for the main structure of the cap while the brim was made with remnants of red woven brushed wool from the Pinafore dress project. The whole cap could really be done in a couple of hours but of course, it didn’t quite happen like this. I kind of ignored the fact that my woollen jumper stretched beyond recognition when I sewed the bits together. A moment of panic ensued followed by a deep breath in before realising that I could whip this cap back into shape by sewing along the edge and gently pull the threads together. That was not all. I measured the circumference of my head (22,5 inches), pretty much the standard size male head. When I sewed the Petersham tape on top of the inside band section initially measuring 22,5 inches, the whole thing stretched by a further 4 inches which only half surprised me as I knew what to expect by then. I cut the excess fabric and once I sewed the band to the cap, it ended being too small for my head (in case you wonder, I did include extra for seam allowances). I had to unpick it and redo a new band, pin it around my head first to get the exact circumference, join the ends together and after sewing it to the cap, it finally worked! I should mention that the band was 24,5 inches by then so whether this was down to the stretch of the fabric or my head having amazing inflating abilities, the mystery is still unsolved. I do intend to find out and bought this cotton tartan fabric (a much safer choice) to make another flat cap sometime soon.


    But to cap it all (pun intended), I like my new woollen cap and want to make more in different variations. The flat cap pattern is free to download along with the instructions right here!

8 Responses so far.

  1. Don Urban says:

    Hey! That looks great. Love the look in the wool. Great take on the pattern and thanks so much for the feedback too!

  2. Bill C. says:

    If the cap fits…

    I liked that old jumper – but I like the hat better!

    • David says:

      A small price to pay for the jumper Bill but it was too big for me. At least I got something that fits out of it, even if in a much smaller scale!

  3. Delgado says:

    Hello ! Superbe casquette sûrement très chaude par grands froids et qui te donne un petit côté gavroche, célèbre titi parisien….. j’adore !

    A + David 🙂

    • David says:

      Merci! Je trouve la comparaison avec gavroche très de circonstance. J’aime bien ce look, content que tu l’aimes bien aussi 🙂

  4. Matt C. says:

    Nice work – using the woolen jumper as fabric seems like a good choice for the winter. I see Don now also has a free combat cap pattern which I downloaded and may try making sometime.

    • David says:

      Oh yes, just noticed his combat cap pattern. He really has a good eye for selecting the right fabric on his pictures. I may try this one too for a more sporty look I think!

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