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  • Year Review & the Pictures that didn’t make the cut in 2013…

    Posted on 30/12/2013 by David in My Handmade Closet.


    So that’s it! Today is the final take of my very first year of blogging, a last shot at celebrating the highs and the lows, the good and the bad before drawing the final curtain on 2013.


    2013’s personal highlights:

    Tartan Trousers  (matching the plaids was hell but I wear these pants so often now)

    Grey Shirt with Red Dots  (the shirt that gets me the most compliments)

    Nadia’s Silk Birthday Dress  (hard work but I’m terribly proud of it!)


    2013’s personal backlashes:

    -half the trousers I made really…the fabric choice just didn’t cut it…

    -The Vogue jacket was not a backlash, it looks good and I’m wearing it. I only wish I was better prepared when tackling this project and I’m glad I had my friend Rita to rescue me towards the end.


    2013’s Blogger’s cut (or the pictures you were never meant to see…)

    A permissive attitude? Cars seemingly stopping at the drop of a hat? Don’t leave anything open to interpretation. A sewing blog is meant to be PG-rated after all.

    Blue & yellow summer shirt


    Get your act-ing together: there is a difference between looking mean and looking stupid even if you’ve not quite mastered the distinction between the two yet…

    Navy blue nautical trousers

    …but clearly, one of these two expressions poses absolutely no problem to me


    Get your “fingers” act together: come on! Cameras are rolling…

    Emerald green elephants shirt


    Peace & love minus the beard and sunglasses? A scene without the right accessories is like a movie without a script!

    Grey Shirt with Red Dots

    Don’t try too hard putting an outfit together. Colour coordination is one thing, looking like a miserable extra on the set of a Robin Hood movie is another…

    First three handmade trousers

    And if it all fails to go to plan, the lighting sucks, stitches go wrong, needles sting, seams get ripped off violently and murderous thoughts come to mind when looking at your stash of silk fabric…

    Nadia’s Silk Birthday Dress

    …remember there are no crying scenes in sewing!! Dust yourself off and try giggling even if sounding like a creepy weirdo with an insane laughter but I’ll spare you the sight and the sound for now.

    Life would be meaningless without a bit of drama and sewing, surely it has to be worth it? Guess what…we will start it all over again in 2014!


4 Responses so far.

  1. Nadia says:

    Meaningless indeed…. Happy New Year! xxxxx

  2. Wil says:

    You certainly came through 2013 with style! Looking forward to 2014 for more of your creativity.

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